Southern White Rhinoceros

Southern White Rhinoceros

Adopt a Southern White Rhinoceros

€ 35.00

Note: This Adoption Pack does NOT include a Soft Toy.

How about a Rhinoceros for Grandad or a Giraffe for Uncle Ron!

Animal adoption is an ideal way of helping Dublin Zoo with the costs of keeping the animals. All the money goes towards their needs - food, health care and habitats. Adoptions are ideal for a gift.

Annual Pass Covers:

Passholder + 1 Adult or Passholder + 2 Children


Bronze €35Silver €80Gold €140
Certificate Certificate Certificate
Fact Sheet Fact Sheet Fact Sheet
Badge Badge Badge
Colour Photograph Colour Photograph Colour Photograph
1 Free Adult or Child Pass 1 Free Family Pass 1 Individual Annual Pass


Note: Children and visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times and teenagers may be required to show ID.

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