The Zoo DVD Boxset Series 4-6

The Zoo DVD Boxset Series 4-6

€ 24.75

Relive the animal adventures, drama and excitement of the last 3 seasons of The Zoo in the company of Dublin Zoo's dedicated zookeepers and the exotic animals they take care of.

Nominated 3 years running for an IFTA (Irish Film & Television Award), the 13 hours contained in this DVD, viewers see behind the scenes and enjoy all the highs and lows of life in Dublin Zoo. There are dramatic life saving operations when a little lion cub battles for survival, heartwarming moments when elephant and rhino calves take their very firsst steps, and the exciting births of everything from penguin chicks and zebra foals to giraffes and tiny pygmy marmoset babies.

The cameras also follow the zookeepers every step of the way as they travel to conservation projects supported by Dublin Zoo, from far flung locations such as Zimbawe, Borneo and Brazil to protecting native species deep in the Irish countryside.

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