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  • Open House

    19 January 2009

    After many months of work by a huge team of people, a ‘new look’ Haughton House opened to the public in November.

  • Sibu comes home!

    19 January 2009

    Sibu is a 30 year old male Bornean orang utan whose laid back character and his amazing good looks had always made him a great favourite with visitors. He amassed quite a fan club during his 17 years in Ireland - many of them actually visiting him during his time in Rhenen Zoo in the Netherlands where he spent 7 years on a breeding loan.

  • New Year Celebration

    14 January 2009

    The economic situation may look bleak, the weather may be cold and grey – but there was some cheer to be had here in Dublin Zoo this week as we kicked off the New Year with two good reasons to celebrate. Record visitor numbers for 2008 and the first birth of the year - a giraffe calf born on January 4th

  • Growing delight

    08 July 2008

    There’s yet another addition to the seemingly endless list of new ‘zoo babies’ this week. This one is equally rare, is exceptionally beautiful and is just as unusual – but this time it’s the horticulturalists, not the keepers, who are celebrating.

  • What's in a name?

    30 June 2008

    Dublin Zoo invites the public to help keepers find a name for new rhino calf. One of Dublin Zoo's latest arrivals, a five week-old rhino calf is making quite an impression on the team there with her energetic and playful personality. She is proving to be full of life and loves bonding with mother Ashanti.

  • A Tall Story

    26 June 2008

    There is a hungry new arrival in Dublin Zoo this week and only keepers over 5'6" are able to feed her! The female Rothschild giraffe calf was born to mother Susie on Sunday 7th June, and is yet unnamed. The calf is a welcome and important addition as there are only a few hundred of the Rothschild sub species remaining in the wild of Kenya and Uganda.

  • Sealed with a Kiss

    26 June 2008

    Dublin Zoo is pleased to introduce another very special new arrival - a sealion pup. The birth took place on Monday 9th June 2008 during the night. The pup has been monitored since birth and appears to be healthy and active.

  • Draw with Don Conroy!

    25 June 2008


  • Amphibian Crisis!!!

    22 May 2008

    The Problem Did you know that up to 50 of amphibians are threatened, endangered or on the brink of extinction? Amphibians are declining rapidly, with at least 120 species of amphibian extinct within recent years

  • Howl lovely to meet you

    13 May 2008

    Howl lovely to meet you

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