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  • New at Dublin Zoo!

    26 September 2013

    Dublin Zoo announces arrival of two male okapis

  • Double Celebration!

    12 September 2013

    Dublin Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of two red pandas.

  • Spot the new Arrival!

    17 July 2013

    Dublin Zoo celebrates the birth of a tapir calf

  • Double Celebration

    27 June 2013

    Dublin Zoo Celebrates the Birth of Two White Crowned Mangabeys

  • White-Faced Saki Baby

    7 June 2013

    Dublin Zoo is delighted to welcome a newborn white-faced saki to the South American House proudly sponsored by Kellogg’s Coco Pops. The young male, yet to be named, was born to mum and first-time dad on 30th April and weighs approximately 150 grams only.

  • Bloom 2013

    27 May 2013

    There will restricted access in parts of the Phoenix Park from Thursday 30th May - Monday 3rd June

  • Dublin Zoo Welcomes their Biggest Bundle of Joy

    14 May 2013

    Dublin Zoo is celebrating one of the most exciting arrivals of 2013 so far, a male southern white rhinoceros calf. The calf was born to mother Ashanti on Friday 26th April and weighs approximately 50kgs.

  • Kafi the gorilla settles in at Dublin Zoo

    2 May 2013

    Dublin Zoo is celebrating the arrival of Kafi, a three year old female western lowland gorilla. Kafi arrived to the Gorilla Rainforest at Dublin Zoo in August 2012 and since then Kafi has been undergoing the careful process of being introduced to the Dublin Zoo gorilla troop, who include Harry, the silverback, Lena, Mayani and two youngsters Kituba and Kambiri.

  • Kumar is the New King in Town

    19 April 2013

    Dublin Zoo Welcomes Asian Lion Dublin Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a male Asian lion named Kumar. Kumar is almost seven years old, weighs 140 kilos and came from Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands.

  • The Zoo TV Series

    22 March 2013

    Series 4 of The Zoo is back on your screens from 28th March!

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