New Rhino Calf at Dublin Zoo

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New Rhino Calf at Dublin Zoo

Sunday, 06 April 2008

Dublin Zoo is delighted to officially welcome the latest addition a female Southern White Rhino calf. The birth occurred at approximately 10pm on Wednesday 28th May to mother Ashanti.

Keepers at Dublin Zoo discovered that Ashanti was pregnant, late last year after employing a novel way of monitoring her ovulation - by adding different colour glitter, silver and blue, to her feed which allowed them to distinguish between the two faeces samples and test the hormone levels!


New Rhino Calf with mother Ashanti


The birth was completely natural and the calf is thriving. The female calf weighed in at just over 70kg at birth and managed to stand up just minutes after she was born.

Speaking about the birth, Zoo Keeper, Helen Clarke said "We are absolutely delighted with our new arrival. One of our keepers, Ken Mackie had been keeping a very close eye on Ashanti over the past month particularly; as we knew that she was due to give birth soon. He would visit her at 9.30am every evening and last Wednesday when he arrived she started to go into labour."



Rhino Calf

Helen added "Its a very significant birth as its the first rhino born at Dublin Zoo in 14 years, so as you can imagine it has created huge excitement for everyone here. The calf is really strong and she is suckling well, which is fantastic. We look forward to introducing her to all our visitors over the coming weeks."


This significant birth at Dublin Zoo is a result of the successful selection of the herd and many years of patience, plotting and planning.

Our new rhino calf can be seen alongside her mother Ashanti, at the African Plains in Dublin Zoo today! Come in and say hello to our latest addition to Dublin Zoo.


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