Happy Birthday Dear Kituba!

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Happy Birthday Dear Kituba!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Kituba’s Celebrates his First Birthday

In March 2012,  Dublin Zoo and Freddy Fyffes celebrated the birthday of one of Ireland’s most treasured youngsters as he turns one year old. Kituba the young male gorilla was born to Dublin Zoo’s silverback gorilla Harry and female gorilla Lena this time last year.

Kituba captured the heart of the nation with his big brown eyes; however at the time it was a mystery whether he was a girl or boy. It took the keepers a little over a month to identify that he was, in fact, a male gorilla.

Soon after he was born Kituba, along with his family, moved to their new home the Gorilla Rainforest, proudly sponsored by Freddy Fyffes. He settled in well with his father Harry, mother Lena, female gorilla Mayani and her newborn Kambiri, and his two brothers Alfie and Evindi.

Ciaran McMahon, team leader at Dublin Zoo commented, “Kituba is a stunning little gorilla. He is healthy, fit and developing extremely well for a male his age. He has recently started eating solids and it’s no surprise – he likes bananas.

“He has also started riding on his mother Lena’s back which a very good sign. These days she allows him wander a little further away form her and gives him a bit more independence. However she is still very protective and keeps a watchful eye on him at all times.”

Ciaran commented on the young gorilla’s character saying, “Kituba never stops climbing, he absolutely loves it. He even climbs up and stands on his mum’s head sometimes, but she doesn’t mind.”

The next few years are very important and informative years for the young gorilla. Kituba will watch the other gorillas interact with each other and spend a lot of time observing how the gorillas socialise and behave in the group.

Dublin Zoo’s gorillas are part of a precious breeding population of approximately 400 animals currently living in European zoos.

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