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'The Zoo' Comes to a Screen Near You!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Zoo will be roaring back on to your screens on Thursday March 1st for the most exciting series yet! In this brand new 10-part series there's a whole host of new animal adventures featuring all of your favourite zookeepers and animals.

It's a big step for Dublin Zoo's gorilla troop as they set foot for the first time in their new habitat, the Gorilla Rainforest, in the African Plains part of the Zoo. And that's not all, as little Kituba the baby gorilla is about to be joined by another playmate as Mayani the gorilla gets ready to give birth to her first baby...

Zookeeper Susan has been keeping a close eye on a pregnant female in the red panda habitat. As the big day approaches the expectant mother to be has started building a comfortable nest for herself and her cubs. Soon she will give birth to two of the most beautiful and most playful of Dublin Zoo's inhabitants..

When a baby white crowned mangabey is rejected by its mother, the keepers have to step in and raise the little orphan until it is strong enough to fend for itself. Eventually it will have to rejoin its troop but will it be accepted by the rest of the troop on Mangabey Island?

There is great excitement for Helen and her team in the African Plains with the arrival of a new hippo. A few months later and one of the females is pregnant. These huge aquatic mammals do everything in the water, including giving birth, so it's an anxious time for the keepers as they await the arrival of Dublin Zoo's newest and cutest baby animal...

Last year we watched as one of the world's smallest primates, the pygmy marmoset, gave birth to twins, but this year the keepers discover a new born set of triplets in the marmoset habitat. With three mouths to feed the smallest marmoset was abandoned by its parents, but with round the clock care and a lot of love zookeeper Susan and Aisling hopes to be able to successfully hand rear it herself.

Brendan the zookeeper takes his passion for Dublin gorillas to the road and goes in search of their natural habitat in the rainforests of Africa. He keeps a video diary from the heart of a Ugandan forest where he has the most thrilling encounter of his life with gorillas in the wild...

In the Reptile House, Garth introduces us to some of his new friends, including some amazing stick insects, the ultimate masters of camouflage, tarantulas, gila monsters and many more. He also travels to the Irish countryside with the Irish Wildlife Trust in search of the smooth newt, one of Ireland's wild amphibians...

And there's a whole host of new animals to discover, from the beautiful Victorian crowned pigeon to the birth of an Indian black buck, red river hog piglets and a whole new family of meerkats!

'The Zoo' airs on RTE 1 starting on Thursday 1st March at 7.00pm, proudly supported by EBS.






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