New Year, New Arrivals!

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New Year, New Arrivals!

Friday, 27 January 2012


Dublin Zoo and Agri Aware are celebrating 2012’s first arrivals. Last week, Rosie, a Tamworth pig welcomed ten piglets, and this week, Bella, Family Farm’s Friesian cow gave birth to a healthy male calf.


The ten piglets, named the Tamworth Ten by keepers, are Rosie’s second litter, with five males and five females. During the first week, the piglets remained close to their mum Rosie, but over the past few days, they have started to explore their new surroundings. 

Eddie O’Brien, team leader at Family Farm, a joint partnership between Agri Aware and Dubin Zoo, said, “The piglets are full of beans and can be seen running around chasing after each other in their pen. We are keeping a close eye on the two little runts in the litter, just to make sure they are getting an equal share of the food. However, we are very happy so far, as each piglet is healthy and making good progress. We’re very excited to have these new arrivals.”


Bella’s baby calf was born early on Wednesday morning and he was suckling his mother within three hours!  This is Bella’s second calf and team leader Eddie O’Brien describes the calf as being jet black, except for a white star on his forehead and four white socks.

Visit the Family Farm in Dublin Zoo today, to see the newborn piglets and calf.


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