Sibu comes home!

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Sibu comes home!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Sibu is a 30 year old male Bornean orang utan whose laid back character and his amazing good looks had always made him a great favourite with visitors. He amassed quite a fan club during his 17 years in Ireland - many of them actually visiting him during his time in Rhenen Zoo in the Netherlands where he spent 7 years on a breeding loan.

Weighing in at 140kg and with his 3m arm span, Sibu is of significant importance genetically to the European population of orang utans because of his origins in the United States.

Director of Dublin Zoo, Leo Oosterweghel said “We are delighted to welcome Sibu back to his primary home here in Dublin Zoo where we remain committed to the breeding of
this endangered species.

He seems extremely happy to be back here now and reunited with his mating partner Leonie and their daughter, Riona.”

Born in Los Angeles Botanical Gardens in 1978, Sibu later travelled to Rotterdam Zoo, before arriving at Dublin Zoo in 1984. Sibu’s breeding loan was hugely important as the
orang utan species is an endangered animal.

Visitors can come and see Sibu and the rest of the orang utan family at Dublin Zoo with a chance meet their keepers at 11.45am every Saturday and Sunday.





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