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New Winter Arrivals...

Monday, 21 December 2009

The Dublin Zoo team has received early Christmas presents in the form of six African hunting dog pups and a giraffe calf!

Two months ago keepers at the Zoo were overjoyed when one of the female hunting dogs gave birth to six pups.

Team leader of the African Plains, Helen Clarke said, “We are delighted to welcome these young pups. African hunting dogs are amongst the most endangered animals in the world, so this birth is of great importance to us. The litter will stay with the adults for about two years, in which time, we would hope that another litter will be born so that they can learn from the parents how to look after their own litter in the future





As well as the African Hunting dogs, Dublin Zoo has also welcomed a giraffe calf. Born on 1st December at 5ft 2” to mother Hailey, the calf is absolutely thriving.

Speaking about the giraffe, team leader Helen Clarke went onto say, “We knew that mother Hailey was going into labour in the morning so we stayed by her side. An hour and a half later the female calf was born. Hailey’s maternal instincts kicked in instantly, as she cleaned her lovingly. The newborn is very advanced having stood within 20 minutes of her birth!”.

Mother and calf stayed side by side for the first three days to allow them to bond and since then the pair have been successfully integrated with the rest of the herd. The  Dublin Zoo team has not yet named the calf, but will be asking for suggestions in the coming weeks!

Visitors to Dublin Zoo can see both the African hunting dog pups and the giraffe calf from today in the African Plains at Dublin Zoo. 

Dublin Zoo is open everyday over the Christmas period apart from Christmas day and St. Stephen’s Day (25th & 26th December).



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