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The Zoo' TV series

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Narrated by radio personality and musician Tom Dunne, The Zoo will take viewers behind the scenes with the dedicated men and women who take care of the 600 plus exotic animals who live there, sharing the highs and the lows of life in Dublin Zoo and gaining access to an incredible world that few of the general public have ever seen.

It is the first time in Dublin Zoo’s 179 year history that a film crew have been allowed such unique and exclusive access. This six part series from Moondance productions which is sponsored by EBS Building Society will show the public a side of the zoo that visitors have never experience before!

Many of the Zookeepers in Dublin Zoo have spent a lifetime taking care of animals, and this series gives a fascinating glimpse into their daily lives. It will bring viewers close to some of the world’s most endangered animals and give them an opportunity to see first-hand how the work of Dublin Zoo forms part of a wider global project to conserve and protect the animals of the world.

Viewers not only get up close and personal with the many beautiful, exotic and often critically endangered animals in the zoo, but also join the keepers on the journey of taking care of them; from day to day life and animal husbandry to the excitement of births, deaths and unexpected emergencies. There’s something new and happening everyday and in The Zoo, no two days are ever the same.

The Zoo, sponsored by EBS Building Society will be aired every Wednesday, starting Wednesday 17th February at 7.30pm on TV3.


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