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New Arrivals

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rothschild Giraffe

A Rothschild giraffe calf was born on 4th November, weighing 40kgs and standing tall at just under 2 metres when born. Mother to the calf, Meave, arrived in Dublin Zoo in 2009 from Fota Wildlife Park in Cork.  Following a period of adjustment when she arrived, Meave successfully bred with bull giraffe Robin and after a 15 month gestation period the new calf was born.
The giraffe calf can be seen with the rest of the herd in the African Savanna now!







On Friday 10th December, a male southern white rhinoceros calf was born in Dublin Zoo. The rhino calf, was born to mother Ashanti weighing approximately 50kgs.
The calf is another significant success for Dublin Zoo as part of the European Breeding Programme established to assist the survival of endangered southern white rhinoceros. These rhinos are hunted for their horns and it is estimated that there are only 11,000 in the wild.
The rhino calf can be seen in the African Plains!

The Winning Names!

Fans and friends of the zoo were invited to suggest a name for the newest arrivals, based on their African origin and the zoo is proud to say that they received an overwhelming response of great suggestions from supporters. Claudia Budea of Hartstown, Dublin 15 is the proud namer of Zuberi, whilst Deirdre O'Dowd from Dublin 10 and Laura Duggan from Rush, Co. Dublin both suggested the winning name Arria.

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