Celebrate Snakes this St. Patrick's Day

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Celebrate Snakes this St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

At a time of year when we celebrate St. Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland, Dublin Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a King Ratsnake. The female King Ratsnake is the newest addition to the Reptile house, and can be seen by visitors to the Zoo from this Thursday (St Patrick’s Day).

The name "King Ratsnake" was given to this species of reptile because of its rat-eating habits. This large snake can measure up to 2.4m in length They are naturally found throughout China, Vietnam and Taiwan and many farmers in Taiwan revere this snake because of the number of rats they kill and consume, thus protecting the farmer's crops. Besides rats they also prey on other snakes, birds and their eggs, lizards and insects.

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