Zinda's first birthday!

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Zinda's first birthday!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Christina Murphy, an elephant care keeper at Dublin Zoo, shares an update on Zinda’s first year of life at Dublin Zoo!

“Zinda, one of Dublin Zoo’s youngest female Asian elephant calves, is one today!

Zinda is growing bigger every day and is now weighing in at 400 kg. She is a very inquisitive and playful calf and continues to enjoy climbing on the large sand mounds in the elephant habitat at the Zoo.

Two more elephant calves have been born at Dublin Zoo. Avani, a female calf was born on March 13th and Kabir, a male, was born on May 15th.

Zinda enjoys spending time with these youngsters, especially Avani! These two calves are inseparable and have a very close bond. Wherever Zinda is, you will see Avani standing right beside her. They sleep next to each other every night and spend their days playing and searching for food together.

Zinda has also learned new behaviours such as having her temperature taken and being weighed on a scale. These behaviours help the elephant care team give her the best care possible. Zinda is a very quick learner and really enjoys interacting with the elephant care team! 

Happy first birthday Zinda!”

Zinda and Avani together. Picture taken by visitor Si Lloyd.

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