Taking the perfect shot at Dublin Zoo

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Taking the perfect shot at Dublin Zoo

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

One of the things visitors at Dublin Zoo love to do is take photos of the animals. There are so many amazing photo opportunities from the Elephant herd playing in the Kaziranga Forest Trail to the Orangutans hanging out at the Orangutan Forest. Come rain or shine Dublin Zoo is the place to get the perfect shot.

Professional photographer Patrick Bolger shares his Top Five Tips on how to take quality photos at Dublin Zoo.


1) Patience










The photo of the baby gorilla climbing on top of her mother’s head took at least 45 minutes of me waiting and watching. Patience is really important when taking photos, especially when animals are involved.


2) Background


The background is very important and often forgotten about. Look at how the female gorilla is holding her baby, surrounded by the long grass and beautiful flowers. Clean backgrounds are ideal.


3) Light


The best time to take photos at Dublin Zoo is either first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon. If taking a photo through glass, press your lens right up to the glass to eliminate reflections.


4) Eye contact


Eye contact is hugely important as it creates a connection of empathy and understanding between the viewer and the animal.


5) Interaction


Watching how the animals interact with each other is really enjoyable and can lead to great interactive action shots.


Tip! Long and short lenses

With a long lens (Patrick uses a 400mm lens), you can take close-up photos from the public viewing areas. However, you don't always need a long lens to do so. You can use your Smartphone to take photos in areas where you can see the animals more clearly. The Sea Lion Cove and the Family Farm offer ideal photo opportunities.

Remember to share your pics!

Post your photos taken at Dublin Zoo to the Dublin Zoo Facebook page, Instagram using #dublinzoo or Twitter using our offical handle @DublinZoo.





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