Orangutan Forest poetry competition winner is announced

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Orangutan Forest poetry competition winner is announced

Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Congratulations to 11-year-old Ruth Breen from Burnchurch National School, Kilkenny who won our Orangutan Forest poetry competition.

The Competition featured in the Irish Independent and Dublin Zoo received hundreds of fantastic entries!

Ruth came along to Dublin Zoo with her class to read out her poem at the official opening of the Orangutan Forest.



You can read her winning poem here:

Our friends the Orangutans

Hey everybody, friends and teachers too,
Have you heard our friends the Orangutans have arrived at Dublin Zoo!

The zoo has built a forest.
A habitat to be exact.

A place where our four hairy friends,
Can relax and have a chat!

It’s designed to make these great apes happy.
To be looked after from head to toe.
There better be plenty of really tall trees.
Or they might just head back to Borneo!

I did not know where Borneo was.
But I looked it up on the map.
It’s near Malaysia in the South China Sea.
Such a long plane ride for these four little chaps.

The Bornean Orangutans are intelligent by the way.
They share 97% of our human DNA.
They eat fruit, insects and bark from the trees.
They can even drink water from shaping the leaves.

They are an endangered species.
So we need to become more aware
That protecting these amazing creatures,
Is a chance to show we care.

So come along to Dublin Zoo.
And see them do their thing!
Bring friends, your family and class mates too.
And let the fun begin!!!

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