Dublin Zoo school poetry competition winner is announced

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Dublin Zoo school poetry competition winner is announced

Tuesday, 03 May 2016

Congratulations to 11-year-old Hagar Soliman from Convent Primary School in Kanturk, Co Cork who won our schools poetry competition.

The Competition featured in the March edition of Intouch Magazine, the magazine for Irish National Teachers' Organisation.

Hagar has won a trip for her class to Dublin Zoo!

Here is the winning poem:

‘Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a tail?’

I woke up with a tail
And ran down the stairs
I collected all the mail
and saw all the people stare.

I was like a monkey swinging
off the tree
Everyone walking by would 
stop and wave at me!

A disadvantage of having a tail
is my pants wouldn’t fit,
So I’d have to walk out nude
And this simply I couldn’t do.

It seemed so unrealistic,
It ended up just a dream.

Oh, I wish I had a tail
I’d be a lion on the plain,
I’d flick my kingly tail at you!
and brush my golden mane.

By Hagar Soliman


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