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A Tall Story

Thursday, 26 June 2008

There is a hungry new arrival in Dublin Zoo this week and only keepers over 5'6" are able to feed her!

The female Rothschild giraffe calf was born to mother Susie on Sunday 7th June, and is yet unnamed.

The calf is a welcome and important addition as there are only a few hundred of the Rothschild sub species remaining in the wild of Kenya and Uganda.

Keepers at Dublin Zoo are bottle feeding the young calf as mother Susie is not allowing her to suckle from her.

Speaking about the calf, Team Leader at Dublin Zoo, Helen Clarke said:

“She is doing very well now and we are delighted to see that the rest of the herd are showing a great interest in her, particularly her father, Robin. The team are continuing bottle feeding her around the clock and are spending as much time as possible with her to give her company. We are really happy with her progress.”

Helen continues

“She loves spending time with the keepers and she is a pleasure to be around as she has such a gentle nature. We are thrilled to introduce her to the public.”

Located in the African Plains at Dublin Zoo, the new calf can be seen inside the Giraffe house. She will be introduced to the rest of the herd when the keepers feel that the time is right.


Her first steps:

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