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Asian Lion Cub

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a female Asian lion.  The cub was born on 25th June 2015 to mum Sita, who came from Mulhouse Zoo in France in 2012 and dad Kumar, who came to Dublin Zoo from Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands.

This is the third Asian lion cub born at Dublin Zoo since May 2014. The new arrival joins the pride of five Asian lions at the Zoo, including sister Kyna and half-brother Kuno. The births of these Asian lions are hugely significant for the international breeding programme and Dublin Zoo for this endangered species. There are less than 350 Asian lions in the wild. The entire wild population of these lions can be found in one place – the Gir Forest in India.

Team leader Ciaran McMahon said: ‘We are thrilled with our new arrival. These lions are endangered in the wild and it is important for conservation that zoos maintain a viable population of Asian lions. The female cub is settling in very well. At 10 weeks old she now weighs an estimated 5kg and has developed a strong bond with mum Sita.”





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