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Newborn Lemurs

Wednesday, 03 June 2015

Dublin Zoo celebrates the birth of 3 red ruffed lemur babies

Dublin Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of three male red ruffed lemur babies. The new arrivals join the troop of four red ruffed lemurs already at Dublin Zoo. 

The birth of three red ruffed lemur pups is extremely important for the team at Dublin Zoo and the international breeding programme. The species is listed as being critically endangered after a significant decline in population in recent decades because of agriculture, logging and mining activities across its habitat.

In the wild, the distribution of red ruffed lemurs is restricted to rainforest in north-east Madagascar. They generally live in groups of two to 16 animals. They have a very loud mechanical sounding call and scent marking is also an important means of communication.

Commenting on the new arrivals, team leader Ciaran McMahon said; “Red ruffed lemurs are one of the most endangered of all lemurs. The birth of three babies at Dublin Zoo is hugely significant and definitely something to celebrate! We are delighted to report that our new arrivals are strong and healthy and are nosily exploring their habitat on red ruffed lemur island”.



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