Dublin Zoo Welcomes Zebra Foal

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Dublin Zoo Welcomes Zebra Foal

Tuesday, 09 September 2014

Dublin Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of a common or plains zebra foal. The female foal was born to mum Wiesje on Tuesday, 2nd of September.

The birth of this zebra foal is hugely significant to Dublin Zoo as it has been 23 years since a common zebra was born at the zoo. The new arrival weighs in at 50 kilos and has already developed a strong bond with her first time mum, who has taken to her new role extremely well.

Team leader Helen Clarke- Bennett said 'We are delighted with the birth of the zebra foal. The mother was pregnant when she arrived at Dublin Zoo so we were extremely excited about the prospect of the birth as it has been 23 years since a zebra foal was born at Dublin Zoo.'

Helen continued, 'Mother and foal are doing brilliantly. We look forward to watching the foal grow and develop with the rest of the zebra herd'.

The common zebra is also known as the Grant's zebra and are the most geographically widespread of all zebras. They range from the south of Ethiopia through east Africa to as far south as Botswana and eastern South Africa.


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