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Red-capped Mangabeys

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A new species of monkey has arrived at Dublin Zoo – four male red-capped mangabeys! The mangabeys are a bachelor group which was formed to assist the European breeding programme for this species.  Red-capped mangabeys are vulnerable in the wild and found in the forests of Western Africa.

The exciting thing about the new arrival to Dublin Zoo is that the red-capped mangabeys will be sharing the Gorilla Rainforest with the Zoos gorilla family.    The distribution of western lowland gorillas and red-capped mangabeys in Africa overlaps.

To introduce and keep these two species in the same space and to ensure that they live harmoniously together is a challenge but so far it has been very successful.

Commenting on the introduction of the two species, Helen Clarke Bennett, Team leader at the African Plains said, “It has been very exciting to watch the red-capped mangabeys and the gorillas getting used to each other over the past few weeks.  When the time came for them to meet face to face things could not have gone better. The younger gorillas in particular are very curious about the mangabeys and keen to get to know and play with them.  


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