Lion (Asian)

Lion (Asian)

Leon Afracach

  • Scientific name: Panthera leo persica
  • IUCN status: Endangered
  • Habitat:  Gir Forest in India
  • Diet: Carnivore – small deer, antelope and wild boar

Lions have a strong social structure and are the only cats to live in large groups or ‘prides’. A pride can consist of around 12 females, who are related to each other, their offspring and a few dominant males.

Asian lions are endangered in the wild with only 400 remaining. The entire wild population of these lions can be found in one place – the Gir Forest in India. Dublin Zoo took inspiration from the Gir Forest in creating and designing the new Asian Forests habitat.


Keeper’s Secret

Known as the ‘King of Beasts’, the male lion is the only cat to sport a mane – an indication of maturity and dominance.

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