Ibis (Waldrapp)

Ibis (Waldrapp)

Íbis mhaol tuaisceartach

  • Scientific name: Geronticus eremita
  • IUCN status: Critically endangered
  • Habitat: Morocco, Turkey and Syria – cliffs, coastal regions
  • Diet Carnivore: – small mammals, lizards, insects, birds, mammals, beetles, snails, worms, scorpion and other invertebrates

Wide use of DDT pesticide in the 1950s decimated the Waldrapp Ibis populations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.There may be less than 500 left in the wild and 1,000 in zoos. They are part of a breeding programme. There are plans to reintroduce zoo bred birds to the wild.


Keeper’s Secret

The Waldrapp ibis is usually silent – a rare phenomenon in the bird world. Communication is by hisses and grunts when at the nest and in display.

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