Education for Secondary School Level Students - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.

Secondary School Education



1 hour          Max 30 students          €12 per student

This new module supports learning objectives within the Nature of Science and Biological World strands of the Junior Cycle Science curriculum. Through an interactive lesson, it focuses on the work of key scientists (Mendel, Darwin, Wallace) and how their ideas developed over time. Students visit a replica of Darwin’s study and learn about some of his key discoveries using the state-of-theart education facility: Zoorassic World. Students then investigate the evolution of dinosaurs, birds and reptiles and their adaptations by visiting some of these species within our collection.



1.5 hours          Max 30 students          €13 per student 

This module can be tailored to suit the new CSPE and Science curriculum or Transition Year students. Students are introduced to the concept of sustainability and what it means. They will then discuss global sustainability issues with a focus on the impact on people, animals and habitats. Students actively engage in analysing sustainability from different viewpoints and explore ways in which both communities and individuals can lead more sustainable lifestyles.



2 hours          Max 50 students          €15 per student

Facilitator: Eanna Ní Lamhna

This module is cutting-edge and far in advance of any textbook, using relevant and understandable examples to cover difficult concepts. This module can be delivered as an introduction to genetics or as an add-on to those students who want to study the topic in further detail. 



Leaving Cert                       3 Hours                Max 32 students              €16 per student  

The main focus of the ecology course is the habitat study. Working with Zoo teachers, students map their own habitat, observe pitfall traps, identify and describe animal and plant species and conduct a qualitative and quantitative study. They also record abiotic factors and compile a comprehensive fieldwork report to better understand different ecological concepts.

Junior Cycle                       2 Hours                Max 32 students              €13 per student 

With a focus on the habitat study, Junior Cycle students work with Zoo teachers to investigate a habitat, collect, identify and describe animals and plants using specialist ecological equipment. Students then compile a detailed fieldwork report.



1 hour          Max 32 students          €12 per student

This outdoor module begins with a history of zoos, looking at Dublin Zoo as a case study. It then covers the role of zoos in modern conservation, their importance for the breeding of endangered species and their role in re-introduction programmes. Focusing on species within Dublin Zoo, the group will discuss the conservation challenges faced by these species and how the Zoo supports these species in the wild.



1.5 hours          Max 32 students          €13 per student 

This is an action-project module that looks at why we need to protect the environment and the impact of humans on it. Students discuss threats to the environment and the animals within it, and brainstorm solutions. This session concludes with a visit to a case study animal within the zoo and asks students to think about ways they can help to protect this chosen animal and many more.



2 hours          Max 50 students          €15 per student

For artists the Zoo is a magical oasis that provides inspiration. Whether you are a young child attending a children’s workshop, a busy secondary student looking for support studies or a third level student pursuing textile design, the Zoo has something to offer. With it wealth of mysterious beauty and wild nature the Zoo offers a rich tapestry of patterns, colours and textures. Programmes are available to all levels and tailored to your requirements.



1.5 hours          Max 32 students          €13 per student 

This popular CSPE-linked module encourages students to consider the role of humans as care-takers or “stewards” of the planet. Students explore key concepts such as natural resources, conservation and the ethics of sustainable development. Group discussion then leads to a debate about the best means of conserving our finite resources and what positive action is required to help the endangered species of Dublin Zoo. Students then visit their chosen animal to learn more about the threats they face. As part of their action project, students will be encouraged to aid the conservation of their chosen species through raising awareness and/ or funds. Informing and empowering students is at the core of this module


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