International Conservation Supported by Dublin Zoo - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.

International Conservation

Dublin Zoo helps fund a number of in situ (in the wild) conservation programmes. While maintaining breeding populations in zoos is beneficial, it is of paramount importance that wild populations and their habitats be understood and conserved. Below is a summary of the international conservation projects Dublin Zoo supported in 2010.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

EAZA Ape Campaign

Mbeli Bai Study, Republic of Congo

PASA Crisis Challenge

Orang utan Awareness Week and Samboja Lestari

Golden Lion Tamarin Association

West African Primate Conservation Action (WAPCA)

Sulawesi crested macaques

Snow Leopard Trust

Red Panda

Lowveld Rhino Trust

Bongo Surveillance Project

Conservation of the Humboldt Penguin and its habitat in Chile

Thailand Hornbill Project

Red-crested turaco – data collection expedition

Waldrapp ibis

Painted Dogs Conservation

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