Sustainability at Dublin Zoo - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.


Learn more about sustainability with SSE Airtricity and Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo is changing its ways, with the help of our Sustainability Partner, SSE Airtricity.

We believe that everyone can live well, in a world rich in wildlife, if we work together to change what needs to be changed to give our planet a more secure future. It’s called living ‘sustainably’.  And it means doing things in new ways so that future generations of people and wildlife will be able to live well too. We’re positive it’s possible, and we’d love you to join us on our journey.

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Are you ready to become an Eco Explorer? Explore the rest of the trail and see how many Explorer Badges you can collect by downloading the Eco Explorer app on App Store or Google Play!

The Eco Explorer stations include some great ‘Did you know?’ facts – for instance, Dublin Zoo harvests rainwater from the roofs of several of its buildings and uses this to flush some of its public toilets. Indeed, some of the tanks used to collect rainwater have been recycled from other uses around the Zoo.”

The SSE Airtricity/Dublin Zoo Eco Explorer Trail includes education stations focusing on:

  • Appreciating your surroundings to connect with nature
  • Encouraging biodiversity by creating a bug hotel at home or in school
  • Making compost to fertilise our soil
  • Refilling your water bottle at Dublin Zoo’s water stations to avoid the use of throw-away plastic cups
  • Recycling plastic to help protect the planet
  • The importance of insulation
  • Harvesting rainwater where possible to ensure we’re not wasting a drop of water

Eco Explorer activities to do at home –

Composting at home!

Make use of your brown bin to compost any vegetable waste. (Do not compost meat, fish or cooked animal products!) Once your compost is complete, you can use it in your garden (or a friend’s garden) and on plants to slowly release nutrients, and help build a beautiful ecosystem – one you can be very proud of.

What can you find in your home that can be recycled?

When recycling, we often mainly focus on the kitchen, but there are so many things we can recycle and reuse all over our homes. Have a walk around each room and think about what can be recycled – if you are not sure, research it.

Whether it is stuffed animals, paint in a garage or bottle in the bathroom, there are plenty of items that can be recycled, reused, reinvented or upcycled, such as: donating old toys to charity, turning old trousers into shorts, or swapping clothes with a friend.  

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