Sea Lion Cove - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.

Sea Lion Cove

Opened in 2015, Sea Lion Cove is one of Dublin Zoo’s newest habitats! The saltwater habitat is inspired by the natural environment of the California sea lions and includes a state of the art water filtration plant. The most spectacular feature of the new habitat is a deep saltwater pool and viewing area that allows visitors to observe the sea lions swimming underwater through glass.

Sea Lion Cove is home to the colony of California sea lions at Dublin Zoo. The California sea lion is found on the west coast of North America down to Mexico. Males can weigh up to 350kg and females up to 100kg.

The colony of sea lions at Dublin Zoo include:

-          Niko, male, was born in Blackpool in 2012 and arrived in Dublin Zoo in 2015

-          Cassie, female, was born in 2008 in Longleat Safari Park. She came to Dublin Zoo in 2009

-          Florence, female, was born in Dublin Zoo in 2009

-          Seanna, female, was  born in Longleat Safari Park in 2005 and arrived to Dublin Zoo in 2006.
           Florence is her daughter.

-          Mateo, a male, was born in Dublin Zoo in June 2018 to mother Florence and father Niko 

-          Yura, a female, was born in Dublin Zoo in June 2018 to mother Cassie and father Niko 

-          Zita, a female, was born in Dublin Zoo in June 2018 to mother Seanna and father Niko 

Did you know that it is not a coincidence that all the Dublin Zoo sea lion pups are born in June? Sea lions give birth at optimum times of the year, when the conditions are at their best and food is plentiful. It is very encouraging to see that the Dublin Zoo sea lions are giving birth at the same time of year as sea lions in the wild!

Learn more about the sea lions during the keeper presentations, taking place at 2.30pm daily!



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