Rothamsted light-trap network – monitoring moths - Dublin Zoo is Ireland's most popular visitor attraction, and welcomed almost one million visitors last year.

Rothamsted light-trap network – monitoring moths

In 2008, Dublin Zoo set up a Rothamsted light-trap. Dublin Zoo staff check this trap daily all year round. This trap monitors moths in the area and the information collected is inputted into a larger database of moths for Ireland and the U.K. The Rothamsted light-trap network has been running since 1968 and has produced one of the longest-running data-sets on insect population in the world. Over 600 publications have used data collected by the Rothamsted light-traps.

Unfortunately, moth numbers seem to be declining and this can have a negative impact on other animals such as mammals and birds that feed on moths. It is hoped that information gained from monitoring moths can help develop conservation plans to reverse these trends.


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