Lowveld Rhino Trust - Dublin Zoo is Ireland's most popular visitor attraction, and welcomed almost one million visitors last year.

Lowveld Rhino Trust


Lowveld Rhino Trust   

In 2009 Dublin Zoo began supporting the Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe via the organisation, “Save the Rhino”. The Lowveld conservancies are home to approximately 50% of Zimbabwe’s white rhinos and 80% of the country’s black rhinos. However, due to increasing political, social and economic problems in Zimbabwe, poaching has increased greatly. The Lowveld Rhino Trust is involved with translocating rhinos to safer areas, treating wounded rhinos and helping authorities apprehend poachers. In addition to this work they also monitor rhino populations and develop community outreach programmes.

The Lowveld Rhino Trust was established by Zimbabwean-born Raoul du Toit and in 2011 Raoul was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in recognition of his conservation work for African rhinos. The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalists.


2016 Update

September 24-25 was ‘The Rhino Weekend’ and the Zoo held an awareness and fund-raising event for visitors. Educators, keepers and volunteers all worked together to make the weekend a success. Keepers Ken Mackey and Eric McClure pedalled push bikes for a hundred kilometres and raised more than €2,000 for rhinoceros conservation in Zimbabwe. The same month, Natasha Anderson, rhino monitoring coordinator at the Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe, gave a talk to the Zoo team on the work of the Trust, which Dublin Zoo has been supporting since 2009. Dublin Zoo was mentioned as a major contributor in the Save the Rhino magazine of autumn 2016.



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