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Secondary School Education



2 Hours                Max 50 students              €15 per student

Facilitator: Eanna Ní Lamhna

The module at the Zoo covers the following topics: DNA & chromosome replication; the genetic code and the human genome; mutation & inherited variation; evolution & natural selection; genetic fingerprinting & genetic modification of organisms; genetic engineering and its application in medicine and food production; see how genetics is applied to caring for animals at the Zoo.

This lecture is cutting edge and far in advance of any textbook, using relevant and understandable examples to cover concepts otherwise often found difficult by students. It is thus necessary for the teachers to have covered genetics with the class before bringing the students to the Zoo for the module itself.



Leaving Cert       3 Hours               Max 32 students              €16 per student  

Junior Cert          2 Hours                Max 32 students              €13 per student 

The ecology module has been revised with the habitat study being the main focus. Students will map their own habitat, set pitfall traps, identify and describe 5 animal and 5 plant species, conduct qualitative and quantitative study. Record abiotic factors (light intensity, soil temperature and soil pH) and familiarize themselves with the use of faunal collection equipment. Students will compile a comprehensive fieldwork report to help them understand different concepts in ecology. This report will be a useful study aid later for exam classes.



1 Hour                  Max 32 students              €12 per student 

Students will explore the world of zoo conservation in a hands on module designed to look at the changing role of modern zoos. Topics covered include: The history of zoos; the role of a modern zoo; endangered species and re-introduction programmes. We also look at topical issues in conservation focusing on major threats to biodiversity. The students can then complete the conservation zoo trail to reinforce learning and to encourage students to work in a scientific manner.



1.5 Hour               Max 32 students              €13 per student

This is an action project module and will introduce students to the global threats facing wildlife and the strategies that scientists are employing worldwide to balance the needs of an expanding human population with protecting threatened wildlife. The module consists of an outdoor study of some of the endangered animals in the zoos collection and learning about conservation issues and strategies as they apply to a 21st century zoo.



1 Hour                  Max 50 students              €12 per student

The Art Module looks at the Zoo as a haven for artistic creation. The module consists of a one-hour lecture on how to complete a project with particular references to animals, practical drawing tips, portfolio presentation. Students have an opportunity to observe and sketch live animals. Particular attention is paid to textures and background. The importance of hotography for support studies is emphasised.



1 Hour                  Max 32 students              €12 per student

Animals in the Zoo collection are discussed in terms of their position on the IUCN ‘Red List’ of threatened species. This is a hands on workshop utilising bio-facts, live animal encounters (subject to availability) and an introduction to the Zoo’s involvement in conservation and breeding programs. Students are also introduced to actions that they can carry out to help with protecting biodiversity.



1 Hour                  Max 32 students              €12 per student

In nature only the animals with the best adaptations survive. Adaptations are any behavioral or physical characteristics of an animal that help it to survive in its environment. In this module we will look at a variety of adaptations and how they suit each groups needs in the wild. There will also be a hands on section consisting of skulls, furs and live organisms (subject to availability) to enforce the concepts of adaptations.


ZOOARDSHIP MODULE – A CSPE Action Project at Dublin Zoo.

1.5 Hour               Max 32 students              €13 per student

We are all stewards of the earth; it is our responsibility to look after the resources and wildlife we have and save them for future generations. Dublin Zoo is an active steward of the world we live in. From breeding endangered animals in our care; researching behaviour and biology; educating the public about our planet and its wildlife to donating to conservation charities around the world, we work in partnership with other zoos to make a significant contribution to the natural  diversity of life on earth.

Now we want to get your CSPE group involved! It’s time to take action: pick an endangered species and research it, then come to the zoo and see that animal for yourself, learn about its plight in the wild and what Dublin Zoo are doing to help. After your visit, the possibilities are boundless: organise an art exhibition; host a poster campaign; design your own zoo; perform a play; organise a debate or a fundraiser.


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