Pre-School and Nursery Education – Education for young children and toddlers - Dublin Zoo, Ireland.

Pre-school & Nursery Education

Early Years… play approach to learning

Early years are an important stage in children’s lives when they find out about and make sense of their surroundings by interacting with others. Two new and exciting programmes - Farmtastic Food and Winter Woolies - were introduced to help young children make the connection between their food, the farm, their clothes and nature - a key to developing young minds.

This is an active and fun-filled course where activities take place in a practical, learning environment, both indoors and outdoors. 

Duration – 1 hour - suitable for children up to 4 years.  

Programmes take place in Family Farm for groups of up to 22 children at a special preschool price of €7.50 per child, one adult goes free with every three children, and the price includes a Zoo visit for all. 

Booking in advance is essential. For information & bookings call: (01) 4748932 or email:

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