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Kaziranga Forest Trail

Immerse yourself in our wonderful Asian rainforest and spot our breeding elephant group. With pools, dramatic rock formations and a waterfall all surrounded by a dense forest of trees and bamboo, the Kaziranga Forest Trail is a wonderful natural environment created with the needs of the elephants in mind. Here, and in the elephant house, live our expanding family of Asian elephants...come and meet them: Matriarch Bernhardine (born 1984) and her daughter Asha (born May 2007), and Bernhardine’s sister Yasmin (born 1990), her daughter Anak (born 2003) and three calves born in 2014 Kavi, Ashoka and Samiya.The newest calf to the herd is Zinda who was born in 2016.

The Natural Confectionery Company are sponsors of the Kaziranga Forest Trail, Home to the Elephants.


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